There is no cost for our initial Discovery and Investment Plan meetings.

Our fee covers ongoing planning and investment management. The minimum annual fee is $5,000.

On the first $500,000 1.25%
On the next $500,000 0.90%
On the next $1 million 0.70%
On the next $1 million 0.50%
On the next $2 million 0.40%
On all amounts thereafter 0.35%

Fees are computed and billed quarterly, in advance, and are based on the market value of the client’s account on the last day of the month in the prior quarter. Individual accounts for immediate family members (such as husband, wife and dependent children) are aggregated, and the fee is charged based on the total value of all family members’ accounts.

Fee Comparison

It’s not always easy to figure out exactly what you’re paying to a broker. They may even say you’re not paying anything, but that is not accurate. Did you know:

  • Brokerage firms and insurance agents receive commissions for recommending certain funds – but that expense is built into the fees you pay.
  • Other hidden fees are common, but their explanations get buried in a 30-plus-page disclosure document. Ever heard of a wrap fee, a load, a mortality and expense fee, an annual operating expense, or a 12b-1 fee?
  • All these fees add up quickly and diminish your investment return. I will never recommend funds with these fees.

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