Melissa and me posing for wedding invitation photos – November 1999

About Me

Born and raised in northern Utah, my mother and father made a modest living as a teacher and a painting contractor, respectively. Even as a young man, I understood and appreciated the value of hard work. After graduating from high school, I went on to pursue an accounting degree from Utah State University. I had always had an interest in finance and economics but found the study of accounting rigorous and challenging enough to meet my interests. While at Utah State, I met and married my wife Melissa. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting, we moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where I began my career in the CPA arena. After two years, we decided to escape the heat and moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado. There, I went to work for Grant Thornton, a prominent accounting firm. After Melissa was diagnosed with Melanoma, which she survived, we decided living near our families was a priority to us and made the move back to Utah.

My Journey to Wealth Management

Upon moving back to Utah, I decided to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration through USU’s executive program. During this time, I also worked for a local tax and accounting firm and subsequently bought out a retiring partner. My wife and I purchased our first home and had our first child, Abigail, and two years later, we had our second child, Eleanor.

For over a decade of my career, I searched for an effective wealth management solution for my CPA firm clients. I wanted a research-based, client-focused solution integrating financial planning, asset management, tax planning, and estate planning in a cost-effective manner – radically different from the high-cost, active management options used by my clients.


Cozumel, Mexico – 2022

You Come First

In 2012, I founded Veritas Wealth Management, LLC, partnering with some of the nation’s premier wealth management solution providers to bring my vision to life.

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