I take my responsibility to you very seriously. Here is my pledge to you. It governs the relationship I have with all wealth management clients.

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  1. I will always act as a fiduciary in my dealings with you. This means I will disclose any conflict of interest and will resolve any conflict in your favor. I will always place your interest first. I will seek to avoid conflicts and potential conflicts.
  2. My recommendations will always have a reasonable basis and will always be in your best interest.
  3. Written or oral statements from me to you will be straightforward and forthright. Never misleading.
  4. I will give you a written statement of total fees and underlying investment expenses you are incurring. I will not accept payments from any third party resulting from my recommendations.
  5. I will not accept gifts or entertainment that are not minimal and not occasional, nor will I accept third-party payments, benefits, or indirect payments that don’t benefit you or that could be perceived to impair my objectivity.
  6. I will provide you with an investment policy statement that will set forth objectives, risk and performance.
  7. I will be cognizant of fees and costs you incur in order to determine that they are reasonable.




As a Registered Investment Advisor firm and fiduciary, I receive no compensation from anyone other than you. I am strictly objective – building plans that best suit your unique circumstances and goals. That means no selling and no commissions. Just solid, long-term financial advice.


Veritas Wealth Management is a proud member of the BSP ALLIANCE, an active community of more than 1,000 independent wealth managers throughout the United States. Every member of the BSP ALLIANCE shares our fiduciary pledge to act in their clients’ best interests and help investors and their families take control of their financial futures. Collectively, BSP ALLIANCE wealth management firms serve more than 250,000 investors, representing over $63 billion in collective assets as of September 30, 2023.

The BSP ALLIANCE gives us extensive back office support and access to advisors, investment analysts, operations experts, practice management coaches, and national thought leaders. With this support, I can focus on what I do best: working directly with you and helping you achieve your financial goals.


While BSP provides depth of resources, I will always provide personal, one-on-one service to you. I am a single point of contact, personally familiar with each family I serve.

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