Frequently Asked Questions:

No. I believe individual stock picking is not an intelligent or responsible way to invest. The evidence indicates that the price of publicly traded stocks and bonds is determined by the expectations of millions of trades daily and is likely a fair price. The market is relatively efficient. Efforts to find mispriced stocks are unlikely to be successful. For an excellent discussion of this subject, read this article by Larry Swedroe, the Director of Research for the BSP ALLIANCE.

Our firm is proud to be among the select firms that have access to DFA funds. These funds often provide the best vehicles for building cost-effective portfolios. However, I receive no compensation from DFA. Whenever I feel there is a better investment option for your particular needs, I use it. Learn more about DFA HERE.

I have a succession agreement in place with Buckingham Strategic Wealth. Your accounts would be seamlessly handled by experienced professionals with the same fiduciary standard of care, investment philosophy, and services.

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